Who are we?

About The Houston Blue Mosque

About The Houston Blue Mosque:The Houston Blue Mosque & The Islamic Institute, founded in 2001, is a non-profit and non-political organization operating exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, and literary purposes.The Mosque aspires to educate Muslims and non-Muslims alike with the basic knowledge of Islam, and to contribute towards betterment of the society.

The Houston Blue Mosque aims to:

• Enable the Muslim community to practice Islam in their daily lives
• Propagate an atmosphere of harmony in the community
• Show that religions can play a major role in restoring respect, sympathy, trust, and peaceful coexistence
• Establish friendship and build bridges through conversation and understanding between different individuals and organizations
•Provide general public with accurate information to eradicate misconceptions, ignorance, and prejudice about Islam
•Provide support in real life problems regardless of individual’s race, ethnicity, and gender
•Promote academic studies on contemporary Islamic issues through organizing panels, symposiums, and conferences
•Stretch a helping hand to those in need


The time for the Friday Prayer

1:00 pm Azan for Jum’ah Prayer

1:20 pm Khutbah

Sponsor for the Lunch  !

The Mosque serves free lunch  after  each Friday (Jum’ah) Prayer, so please help us able to continue this service to our congregation. If you would like to become a sponsor for the lunch on Friday or make a regular donation, please use the donation button above in the right corner.

May Allah accept your helps and supports.

Thank you.!

For more information please call us at 832-845-5078 or  email us at info@thebluemosque.org

Verse of The Week

What we do

Our Services

Funeral Services

“Every soul will taste of death”. Like we came to this world, surely, we will leave. The death is an inevitable end for all living beings. Funeral prayers (salat-ul janazah) are being performed at our mosque. For other funeral services you may contact http://isghfuneralhome.net.

Daily Prayers

Our mosque’s doors are open from morning pray (fajr) to night time for five daily prayers.

Friday Prayers & Khutbahs

The call for prayer (athan) time for Friday Prayers is 1:00 pm. Friday sermons are in both Turkish and English. The exact time for the sermon (khutbah) is 1:20 pm. We will archive the khutbahs under this section. Besides being places of prayer, mosques are also the focal points in the community. People not only get to know each other, but also share each other’s joy and sorrow.

Celebration for Special Days and Nights

The birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or The Night of Isra or The Night of Qadr and many other blessed nights and days like Berat, Ragaib etc. have special place in Muslim’s daily life. The Blue Mosque organizes special events in these nights and bring Muslims together as a congregating in the mosque.

Matrimony (Nikah) Service

Matrimony service will be provided if an official marriage has taken place priorly. Please contact us at least a week in advance through email or telephone in order to make reservation. The suggested donation for this service is $100.

Eid Prayer and Celebration

Eid prayers are being performed at our facilities. Notifications are made here at our website for the prayer times and the celebration events that take place after the prayer. In order not to have parking problem, please follow the instructions provided by the personnel on duty.

Tarawih Prayers

The greatest sign and the most of important worship of the month of Ramadan is, without a doubt, the ‘teraweeh’ prayers. Our mosque is open to everybody, both male and female. Prayer times will be announced at our website.

Qur'an Study

The Qur’an Study Circle will be on Mondays at 7 pm. They are open to public and whoever wishes so, can attend.To get updated please follow us on meetup .

Hadith of The Week

Our Imam

Meet Our Imam

Nihat Yesil

Imam - Houston Blue Mosque
Imam Yesil is currently serving as an Imam of Houston Blue Mosque. He joined The Islamic Institute in September 2014. Mr. Yesil graduated from Al-Azhar University Cairo/ Egypt. He obtained his ijaza (license) in Tajweed and Qira’ah from various Qurras (reciters) in Egypt such as Sheikh Ibrahim Elhayyat, and Shayk Fathi Malici. He previously served as a Qur’an teacher and Imam in various Muslim Institutions in the United States for more than ten years. Imam Yesil also holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies (Muslim-Christian Relations) from the Hartford Seminary at Hartford, Connecticut. In addition to leading daily and weekly prayers at Houston Blue Mosque, Imam Yesil is also involved in counseling (family, marriage, etc.), teaching the Qur’an -Tajweed classes, performing marriage for Muslim couples, organizing Interfaith and Intra-faith programs, and serving as a volunteer chaplain at Greater Houston Area.
*Ijaza, in Quranic Recitation that goes back to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), similar to the concept of Apostolic Succession.

Ask Imam

Got Question about Islam? Get Answer! If you have any question on a religious issues or need advice or help with a related issue, please use the contact form or email the Imam at info@theislamicinstitute.org After you ask your question give the Imam a few days to respond. Thank You.

Address: 9301 W Bellfort St, Suite 108, Houston, TX 77031
Phone: 713-974-1412 ext 108
E-mail: info@thebluemosque.org